Jan 17, 2015

Leisure Club New Casual Wear Winter Collection 2015 for Men & Women

Leisure Club Casual Wear Winter Collection 2015 For Men & Women. Leisure Club was Established in 1997, Leisure Club entered the world on contemporary garments in Pakistan with a guarantee to give ‘great quality, in vogue, practical, provincially sourced and sewed western apparel for the young men, young ladies, men and ladies of Pakistan’. When Leisure Club at first started with their new conceived line of apparel, much the same as whatever other new brand, they were not that knew about. 

Be that as it may did it went ahead like that? No chance! after 17 years, in the hot happenings of today, we have perceived how well Leisure Club has created themselves and earned a fortification in the business for Causal Clothing in Pakistan. Their prosperity is owed to the way that they buckled down and worked with teach that permitted them to sling themselves forward in the business by understanding and indulging the design needs of the adolescent of Pakistan.

A best aspect regarding this brand is that they decline to fare dress from China or different nations like several different brands exhibit in the business. They are glad for the way that all that they create is ‘Made of Pakistan’. What’s more they create everything in their accumulations from fantastic materials taking after the most recent patterns and styles. Despite the fact that it would be a ton less demanding on the off chance that they were to simply import specifically from China or anything other nation on the grounds that they would have the capacity to endeavor the financial preferences, yet they unequivocally stick to what they trust in and that is using the potential and opportunities in Pakistan and giving the best to its kin regarding trendy apparel. 

What’s more they have ready to effectively keep up their position in the business sector due to the gratefulness they got by the populace of Pakistan. It is their main thing and how they do it is the thing that touches individuals’ hearts. They really praise their homeland and their comrades.



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