Aug 6, 2012

Ayesha and Nimra Eid collection for girls 2012

Here is collection of most famous designer in pakistan Ayesha and Nimra are two of those developers who have highly created a special place in the Pakistan style industry. This outfits product was established this year and in just a few months frame this product is exclusively known among the females and area. They were originally working with many other well known developers before setting up their own individual product. The attention point of Ayesha Nimra contains evening use, informal use, partial official and wedding outfits. As Eid is nearing within few weeks so many developers have come forward for presenting their selection for Eid and in such developers recently growing Ayesha Nimra has also step ahead with their amazing and best Eid selection 2012. Recently, Ayesha Nimra has released their wonderful Eid selection for females and some women. The entire selection is stylish and stylish. As the two developers are youthful so they are well aware from products in world so they have given the contact of european picture to their outfits. Ayesha Nimra Eid selection also contains some of the southern reduces and styles along with the european flavor in their selection.

Furthermore, Ayesha Nimra Eid outfits contains the amazing and energetic shades that appears well for summer season too such as black, white, yellow-colored, green and red. In this article, we are providing out some of the amazing images of Ayesha Nimra selection. Moreover, the outfits have been extremely created additionally amazing by providing them a contact of embroidering along with the flavor of tussles on the tops. As concerning the prices they are extremely low. Both of them are new rebellion abilities therefore just for knowing the females feedback they have kept the rates on minimum level. So all the females and some women if you want to try something different on this Eid then keep in mind to consider the Eid selection 


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