Jul 26, 2012

Latest Bridal dresses collection 2012 by MEERAS by Nilofar

Here is Pakistani bridal collection of Most papular fashion designer by Nilofer Shahid is the direceor of the style home Meeras. Comes from a category of players, romantics, authors and artists. One could say that she was almost genetically sensitive towards the better factors of lifestyle. off-course being raised on a stable eating plan of Khalil Gibran and A.R Chaughtai’s works of art only provided to further emphasize her ability for women.

From an beginning age Nilofer was attracted to the art of workmanship, an passion that is constantly on the time frame. Thus, in 1992 with the release of her style home Meeras, Nilofer created an almost organic conversion from being an enthusiastic admirer to becoming an effective individual.

The styles of her selections indicate her deeply appreciation with the area of her beginning – from Islamic Calligraphy to Mughal Structure to the history of main japan, Nilofer’s perform has spanned the Eastern in its true significance.


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